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Protect Your Interests And Your Driving Privileges After A Traffic Violation

It’s easy to lose track of your speed when you are in a rush to get home from work, do errands or carry out other daily tasks. If you get pulled over for speeding, however, explaining that you didn’t know how fast you were driving usually won’t get you out of a ticket. New Hampshire troopers take a hard line when enforcing the rules of the road.

It’s also easy to pay your ticket so that you can move on with your life. But, before you pay your fine, consider the consequences of this action:

  • Paying a ticket adds points to your driving record.
  • Receiving tickets for speeding usually increases insurance rates.
  • There may be extra fees that you’ll have to pay on top of your speeding ticket.
  • Accumulating too many points may lead to a license suspension.

You don’t have to pay your ticket. If you choose to fight it and protect your driving privileges, contact me, attorney Dan Duckett. I have helped many out-of-state drivers and New Hampshire residents successfully challenge traffic violations. Let me do the same for you at my firm, The Law Office Of Daniel Duckett.

The Difference An Attorney Can Make In Your Case

For over 25 years, I have represented clients in courts throughout the state. I know how traffic violation cases are won and lost. I know where to find weaknesses in the other side’s argument and can use that to your advantage.

Possible lines of defense for speeding may include:

  • Highlighting incorrect information on the ticket
  • Questioning the accuracy of the radar detector
  • Challenging the trooper’s reasons for issuing a ticket
  • Evaluating the trooper’s training
  • Using eyewitnesses to support your version of events
  • Presenting clear evidence that reinforces your argument

Showing up in court with an attorney can make all the difference in a traffic ticket case. Police officers and troopers often miss their court appearances for tickets, which may get your case dismissed.

In addition to defending against speeding tickets, I am also qualified to represent clients facing drunk driving charges, careless or reckless driving violations, driving on a suspended license and other related matters.

When you hire me, I will evaluate your situation to determine the best approach. I will explore all avenues for a dismissal or a reduction in fines. As your legal ally, I will work hard to get the result you deserve.

Before You Pay Your Ticket, Learn Your Options

Talk to a skilled lawyer for free about your situation. You can reach me by calling my Manchester office at 603-836-9028 or completing my online form.