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Case Summaries

Dog Bite

Client’s three-year-old daughter was bitten by the defendant’s terrier. The dog was unrestrained and when left alone with the child, the animal bit her around her face and mouth. Parts of the child’s lip were torn from her mouth, and she suffered puncture wounds to her lower face. The wounds were repaired by an oral surgeon, but she was left with small facial scars.

The parties reached a settlement prior to filing suit for $82,367.

Wrongful Death

Dan’s client was the family of a 20-year-old college student. Their daughter had decided to “rush” a sorority at a local university. She and other members of the pledge class were involved in a hazing incident. This consisted of the pledges being blindfolded and led single file into a Jeep Grand Cherokee. At least six women were led into the lowered back seat of the vehicle. The pledges were not secured with seat belts due to the removal of the seats. During the hazing trip, the driver then began to drive the Jeep, which now contained 10 individuals (five over the designed capacity limit), dangerously swerving back and forth and accelerating and decelerating in an attempt to scare the pledges. As a result of her erratic driving, the driver lost control and went off the road. The Jeep struck an embankment and rolled over; two passengers were ejected, one of them was the daughter of our client who died of blunt force trauma.

The parties reached a settlement after filing suit, but prior to trial, for over 1 million dollars.

Slip And Fall

Our client was a young man who was a guest at a ski resort when he slipped and fell in the driveway/roadway and fractured his leg. The snow and ice had not been cleared by the ski resort. He was transported to the hospital where he underwent surgery. His postoperative recovery involved spikes in his temperature, which resulted in complications as well as months of physical therapy and lingering pain at the fracture site.

The parties reached a settlement prior to filing suit for $73,000.

Auto Accident

Client was a college student who was out with friends when she was struck while attempting to cross the street in a crosswalk. The driver of the vehicle was cited for excessive speed. The collision jettisoned her approximately 20-30 feet onto the street. Our client sustained several abrasions to the left side of her face and left side of her abdomen, as well as a large laceration to her right knee, a fractured pelvis, fractured sacrum and post-concussive syndrome. She received inpatient care, physical therapy, occupational therapy and underwent multiple radiological studies. She was forced to rearrange her college studies during her recovery.

The parties reached a settlement prior to filing suit for $150,000.

Client was a 21-year-old female involved in a significant T-Bone accident. As a result, client suffered a severe ankle injury that required extensive rehabilitation. The client’s medical bills exceeded $20,000.

The case settled for the policy limits of $100,000.

Water Contamination

Client was a gentleman who drank tap water at his residence, which was drawn from the community water system, owned, operated and managed by the defendants. The water was contaminated with E. Coli and Giardiasis. As a direct result, our client became very sick and suffered cramping, abdominal pain and chronic diarrhea. He was later diagnosed with lymphocytic colitis.

The parties reached a settlement in a private mediation, prior to trial, for $300,000.